Being born and living as a young artist in Portugal is a utopia. Few manage to fulfill the dream and not give up, despite existing in a country where art, artists, and young people are still little or nothing heard. But for those who don't know, there is something that makes this country's heart beat: the Art of modern Portuguese culture. Perhaps because we have the sea, tradition, and tragedies, Portuguese young people are extremely creative, daring, and talented. In this new Overcube campaign, La Vie de Marie appears as a fighter, artist in various media, who dreams of the “normalization” of everyone so that the Inclusion moves from dream to reality. Through music, sculpture, and painting, Jhon takes us on a rich journey that unites two sister countries that have so much to gain from these bridges created through young people and art. Filipa Pinho, from Porto, brings us beautiful pieces that fit extremely relevant speeches constructed in crochet. These three young artists stand out for Modern Portuguese Culture in Overcube's new campaign and have a common dream: that Art in Portugal is recognized; that young talents in Portugal are seen and heard; that the discourses that matter are put on the table so that, through Art, one can educate, criticize, grow. Check the full interviews in the images below.