It's hard to put you in a box, and therein lies the fun of your journey. You are multi-creative and within all the areas you move through, what is the role, direct or indirect, of fashion in those areas and in the way you live?

Fashion makes me feel free, the feeling of freedom, to create and be whoever I want.

You are quite disruptive, you don't follow trends or specific brands and you have a voice of your own. How did the character of Peggy Heart come about?

I would say it's more of an alter-ego than a character. Basically it's like when someone makes music and also creates a name for a band or an artist. It was all very natural, at one point they tried to hack into my personal accounts and told me not to give out my details on the internet, so I decided on Peggy. The rest was very natural, the question of the alter ego came up.

You deal openly with mental health issues like anxiety (among others). Do you think that the creative world and the world of fashion can have a negative and/or positive aspect in that field? What has been your relationship with mental health, work and fashion? What do you think can and should change?

The mental health issue is not something that is just happening, I mean, it's an ongoing thing. It's a bit like knowing how to cope, some days are worse and some days are better. I think more and more people are addressing the issue of mental health, and I think a positive impact is the issue of feeling good, being well. And in the area of fashion, the question of dressing, being comfortable. And a negative impact goes a bit to social networks, social pressure, the fact that we often compare ourselves to each other, and what we see is not something real.

Photography, at least in the past, is a more male-dominated world. Do you think the doors are opening for women and/or people who identify with the female gender or is it still a long way to go?

I actually know more female photographers than male, so I think we are on a good path.

What is the cause that you consider most yours? What is your voice and what is the message you try to convey most through social media, your work and everything you do, whether set in a work and creative context or more personal?

I've never really thought about it. I don't have a defined cause. I think that everyone can do their own thing, be authentic and different. There are so many things that are more of the same... we all look for something different, something to be inspired by, I think it's a bit like that. Doing your thing and being true to yourself.

How would you define modern Portuguese culture?

I feel that the present is making peace with the past. In my case, for example, I always get the vintage, the old, and try to put it in the present. I think this is happening in all areas, from music to cinema - in everything. I think it's that way.

What do you think is the role of brands, like Overcube, in the voice that modern Portuguese culture should have in terms of fashion, diversity, disruption, inclusion and so many other areas that are essential for development?

I think brands like Overcube should mirror what is happening in society. That is, about inclusion and giving people opportunities.