About Overcube

Overcube results from the will of a group of people that wanted to stir things up and change the way shoes and accessories are sold online. More than selling, we invest our time and energy passionately to ensure that all our customers enjoy shopping at overcube.

Do you know who the young Portuguese of today are? And the young Portuguese of tomorrow, do you know who they are? Do you know who the people who will build the future are?

Probably not, because you're not really listening. This is the time to shout. To talk loud and clear. It's the moment to give voice and image to modern Portuguese culture. At Overcube, we are young Portuguese people who are part of a present that is vital for everyone's tomorrow, and now we make it a point to speak out. We will shout it out so that you know who they are and what they believe in.

So, young people today are not carefree or inattentive. They are demanding, informed, guided by the values of the people and brands they choose. They observe the movements and decide, consciously, which step they take next. Where they insert themselves, who they talk about, and who they allow to speak for them.

The choices they make are influenced by the individual and collective behaviors of the entities they respect and admire. Because communities, tribes, are an indispensable part of their formation as a being. They care about the future and reality, and are critical of cultural expressions, social issues, and political concerns. The art that is created by these young people is an art with substance, it’s attentive, it expresses and reflects what young people observe and criticize. Fashion is an essential part of this artistic creation and emerges today as a centerpiece of individual and collective expression. The contribution that young people today offer to society is fundamental to the way it is shaped in the present and in the future.

Do you know who the young Portuguese of today are? It is as profound as knowing your future.